NOVAELEX Srl is set up in 2016 by a group of north Italian investors willing to reintroduce on the market the old ELEX industry. We are a young and active company which designs and manufactures lifts and service elevators for civilian, industrial and military fields; we study technical and bespoke solutions thanks to designing ability and manufacturing flexibility.

Our projects are studied, produced and assembled entirely in Italy, in our warehouse in Montodine, located in an industrial area of 6.000 sqm. We can guarantee to every customer the complete control of our products’ quality being able to satisfy today’s market needs. All the raw materials and components are supplied in Europe.

Our main features are a strong international attitude and the will to innovate and accomplish customer’s requests. The wide variety of proposed products, together with our specialists’ technical knowledge, allow us to satisfy even the most specific and unusual situations.
NOVAELEX technical and commercial employees aim to provide a full support to our clients during sales and aftersales processes.


Passion, competence and joy of challenge drive our everyday work, so to develop innovative ideas in order to offer the best quality and excellence in service.

Our high quality manufactures are unique and recognizable and aim to environmental sustainability and energetic efficiency. The range of our products is studied to furnish safe and advanced solutions.
NOVAELEX is certified in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.
We are willing to pursuit our development and growth in order to offer innovative and extremely bespoke solutions.